Felvarrom, from Hungary

The buzzword today is: reuse! And on reuse was born Felvarrom http://felvarrom.com/ a young and interesting Hungarian company that recycles components of the cycling sector, especially tires and inner tubes, to create belts and other clothing accessories, including the such as t-shirts, pins, bracelets and key chains.

Also, if your tire is worn out and maybe you're tired of breaking almost every day, or you do not like its color longer, you can replace it with a new one and give the old one to Felvarrom, who will derive a belt of the measure you want or another item that you can wear during your outings by bike or doing a simple walk.

Felvarrom (meaning "sew up") was created around the middle of 2008 by

Péter Szabó, mechanic and man of "liberal arts" involved in various forms of art who likes to put together bicycle chains and other items for recycling, and by László Szabó who has attitudes of "fighter of bike paths", who started to create accessories and to reuse its air chambers and its tires, creating belts and bracelets of which we have already spoken.

We report here their words: "We want to represent our culture of cyclists pursuing a new lifestyle ... salvaging items also giving them a high quality ... Our other goal is cycling. We believe that the growing number of cyclists is the realistic alternative to the chaos of the big and small cities. believe in cycling culture: knowledge and mutual respect of traffic laws. "

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you can find some examples of the production Felvarrom

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