Since 1949 Simoncini produces frames customized bicycle.Currently we represent a small but dynamic company based in Tuscany, one of the last remaining in the handicraft production of steel frames. We talk to people, we transform their measures in steel frames. By hand and with passion.In 1949 Renato Simoncini, born in Castelfiorentino and lived partly in France during the fascist dictatorship, founded his own workshop of bicycle frames

Earlier he worked at Pignone, where they built precision machinery, and had apprenticeship to Caparrini, the frame builder in Castelfiorentino.

Amateur cyclist, in 1948 he built the frame for the bicycle that would accompany him throughout life. The workshop exists now,  was opened in 1973 and is managed by his son Orlando Simoncini. Until the 90's we produced frames for other brands, as well as a small production on behalf Simoncini.

Today we produce especially for direct customers and abroad. Bicycle frames of any kind, of any size.Increasingly, however, to measure the man or woman who will lead them. Since 1949 we have built frames for  (partial list..):Nilor,Viner,Eagle,Ortu,Porcu,Rocco,Veloetruria,Ceccherini,Tirinato,Franks,Titan,Course,Benotto,Ciocc,Sloughi, Schauff,Clements,Bormann,Viscount,Boss,Simons,Peltreaux,Enik,CBT turin,Radundsport,Orbea,Riccorsa,Tozzai.


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