Since a longtime we are fans of composite materials and carbon in particular, for a while we have designed our logo and a name about this small business, "Carb-On Composites", to indicate a first line of products designed with the intention to emphasize that the carbon is a material "on", active as are active all the cyclists and bikers who use components made from this material.  In addition to the saddles, are also in progress bottle cages and chain tensioners, that will be soon shown. 





Our carbon saddles are designed and made using the vacuum bagging technique, entirely by hand by ourselves, with reference to those cyclists who usually prefer the characteristics of carbon and composite materials in general, that are lightness, stiffness, and even a touch of esotericism typical of these materials. 

The method of construction has been developed using layers of carbon mixed with epoxy resins to obtain a whole piece, sturdy and lightweight at the same time.  At the moment, two different models are under construction, the first has an integrated seatpost connected to the hull, while the second model has a design more "traditional" with the connection frame/clamp made in one piece with the hull.   For more information






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