Broken Riders is an ethically and environmentally responsible clothing brand for people who love riding bikes.

And unlike other labels, we don't focus just on the superstars or the winners. We're more interested in those who'll never be number one, but love what they do so much they carry on regardless. 

You'll find Broken Riders waiting in every emergency department, trying to figure out how they got it wrong and how they can do it better next time. But we don't care, we say Celebrate The Fail!

Mountain bike, BMX, road bike or whatever. If you've ridden, fallen off and got back on, you're a Broken Rider.


Broken Riders Distressed logo in reef red, printed on 100% organic eggplant bamboo t-shirt.

Regular men's fit, fantastic quality and kinder to the planet. The perfect technical t-shirt to wear while riding.

Our natural bamboo is super-soft and has excellent moisture wicking properties, helping to keep you warm in winter or cool in summer. 


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